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VAST book clearout

I was going to be selling off my books on ebay but they have these new silly private seller limits. I tried Ebid, but its very slow, when I need the space smartish and I listed on Freecycle twice but both times after I had taken the day off work to wait in, people didnt turn up to collect, and so herewith, is my book collection for postage only. Paypal, so I can shift them pretty quick (I only really have about 10 days to do so ) before mum gets the threatened skip, and I would hate to see these go to landfill.

(please contact me telling me which books you are interested in, and where you are based as I am mentioning this cleaout to some overseas people  - I am in the UK obviously - as well, so I can work out the standard postage for you)

Please note that while some of the books are small, Quite a few, over 50% of the non-fiction ones are  pretty enormous, so postage depends entirely on the books you want. If you need more info on a book, I can send you the link of old ebid listings, for information purposes only as thats where all the photos and blurbs are still.

All the books are used (unless marked specifically as new condition)  but clean, no missing pages. From a smoke free home.

Bear in mind if you want a *huge* load of them... I may have to divide the pile you want into more than one parcel - I dont have a car, and can only carry what I can carry in one go, to the post office. :)

EDIT JULY 19th - I have crossed through the ones already claimed - think I got it right, check comments below to double check, as I am zooming about today and may have missed one or two...  but there are still plenty of books available. :)

Novels - (paperback)  Romantic, general,  thriller, western
American Gothic - Robert Bloch (author of Psycho)
Battle Cry - Leon Uris (Author of Exodus)
The Main Chance: Colin Forbes
Faraday #3 - Collision Course - William Grant (western)
The Saint Bids Diamonds - Leslie Chateris
A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess
Agatha Christie: The Detectives (short stories)
Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen): The Dreaming Child
Jack Shall Have Jill
Heretics Of Dune - Frank Herbert
Catherine Marchant (Cookson) : The Iron Facade
Portrait Of A Killer: Jack The Ripper Case Closed
Catherine Cookson : The Long Corridor
Avatar: The Last Airbender (cine-manga comic book)

Novels - ( as above but hardback incl two Large Print editions)
Louis L'Amour: The Forest Riders (cowboy) LARGE PRINT
Like A Flower/Shelia Thompson. WW2 economy edition
The Rocks Remain - Gavin Maxwell *LARGE PRINT EDITION*
Barbara Cartland - Crowned With Love
Jeffrey Archer - Sons of Fortune

Teen fiction (paperback)
The Tempest Twins: Downeast To Danger
The Tempest Twins: Hot Property
Counter Force - Find The Tektrons

Paperback non-fiction (history, DIY, business, property development, languages, TV tie-ins, IT, you name it!)
Pirates & Other Maritime Tales of Brixham...
Look Back With Laughter Volume 3 - Mike Craig
Ship Or Sheep: An Intermediate Pronunciation Course

Business Research- A Practical guide ...
The Next Common Sense: Mastering Corporate complexity..
Home Decorating Made Easy - *NEW*
Decorating With Stencils - Tony Roche *NEW*
The Income Approach to Property Valuation- 2nd edition
An Introduction to Property Valuation - A F Millington
An Outline Of Planning Law 10th edition - Sir D. Heap
Valuation and Development Appraisal - Clive darlow ed.
Investment appraisal: 2nd Edition Stephen Lumby
Know The Game: Rock Climbing
Government And Politics In Britain: An Introduction
Teach yourself: Trace Your family History
The Book Of Medical Emergencies (first aid)
AA Street By Street Map: Torbay (1st edition)
WHSmith/ AA Street By Street Map: Torbay
The Usbourne Book of World History Dates
A Glance At China's Economy
Getting Started With Visual Basic 4 For Windows 95
Berlitz: Basic Italian
E For Additives. Guide by Maurice Hanssen
Contemporary Literary Theory
Understanding Stress (NEW)
Accounting For Growth - Terry Smith
A Second MENSA Puzzle Book
Be Good To Yourself Therapy (Elf-help Books) NEW
Daily Mail 144 Cryptic And Quick Puzzles
Saint Conans Kirk Loch Awe : Guide
Well-being For Women
Unmarried Couples And The Law (2006)
Berlitz: Tunisia Pocket Guide
Match Of The Day Guide to the 2006 world cup - football
Reflections Calligraphic Journey Through Wisdom Of Words
Switzerland & Leichtenstein/ Stanley Gibbons/ 1971
The Ultimate Book Of Number Puzzles
Exeter/ Exmouth street plans
GPS: A Guide To The Next Utility
Athens (guidebook)
Richard Josephs Bestsellers: Writers Tell How
Dolls (illustrated guidebook from V&A Museum 1969)
English Country Tales Just Around the corner - H Phelps
Where Theres A Will - Robert S Menchin
French Phrasebook (Geddes & Grosset)
Centre For Alternative Technology - Visitors Guide
Fit For Rugby - R Hazeldine & T McNab
Formula One: A Complete Race By Race Guide (1997)
The Official F1 Grand Prix Guide 2000
AA Dartmoor and South Devon Pictorial Map
The Baliwick Of Guernsey (older guidebook)
Rambling Around The Midlands: Walks For Everyone
Which?: Be Your Own Financial Advisor - Jonquil Lowe
Successful Software For Small Computers
Understanding your Irritable Bowel
My Brilliant Career - J Grout and L Curry *NEW*
The AA book of Country Walks : 1 Walking In Britian
The National Trust Handbook For members & visitors 1992
Money For Life: Alvin Hall (finance management/freedom)
British Equestrian Directory 1993- 94
Salesmanship Made Simple - B Howard Elvy/ jobseeking

Hardback non-fiction
At one with the sea: Alone Around The world - N. James
Sporting Fever: Michael Parkinson
Soundbytes & Spin Doctors: polititians manipulate media
Collins Greek Phrase Book
Kitchens: 25 New Designs
Guinness: Boxing: The Records (1987 ed) Ian Morrison
A Point of View - Barry Took (TV biography) hardcover
BBC Handy Andy's Home Work - Andy Kane
Look Back With Laughter Volume 3 - Mike Craig
The Dairy Book Of Home Management
Parry's Valuation and Conversion Tables - A W Davidson
Readers Digest: Great Mysteries of the 20th Century
The Wonders Of Science - 1965 hardcover book
Craft Topics- Knights: Facts, things to make...
Readers Digest: Inventions That Changed The World
Readers Digest: Milestones Of Medicine
Readers Digest: Health & Healing: Natural Remedies
Vets School - Grant Mansfield
A Century Of Sports Cars -NEW
Bedroom Furnishings *NEW* (DIY, interior decorating)
Practical Sailing, by Wendy Fitzpatrick -huge hardcover
Encyclopaedia Of Angling (A. Norman Marston)
Margaret: Princess Without A Cause
The Westcountry Book - JC Trewin
Super Massage: Simple techniques for instant relaxation
Thier Trade Is Treachery - Chapman Pincher (Soviet)
Land Of Moors And Dales (readers digest/ yorkshire)
Rolf Harris: Beastly Behaviour: More True Animal Tales
Laura Ashley Complete Guide To Home Decorating
Setting Your Weight - A Complete Programme
Bill Bryson: Down Under
winning Commitment: build a competitive workforce
Discovery And Exploration: Bridging A Continent
Vet Clinic: Dogs (Pet care -on caring for your dog)
Card Tricks - James Weir (30 easy to follow tricks)
Nature Watchers Directory/ David Marsden Hardback
Music - Edward Heath
Design & Decorate Interiors- Lesley Taylor
Theraputic Yoga - Dr Ali & Jiwan Brar NEW
Getting Firm - Treating Aches And Injuries
Basic Photography - How to take and make great pictures
A Companion Of Honour:The Story of Walter Elliot

Spiritual/ religious

Buddha's Little Instruction Book
A Guide To The Passion: 100 questions (paperback book)

Childrens (fiction and educational)
The Oxford Treasury of Childrens Poems- hardcover
Thomas (& friends) The Tank Engine Annual 2006
The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling NEW HARDCOVER
The Tale Of Mr Tod: Beatrix Potter ( book)
My Body Book (Early Learning Centre)
Roald Dahl: Fantastic Mr Fox ( book)
The Greeks: Usborne Illustrated World History
How They Lived: An Aztec Warrior (hardcover book)
Large Print Fairy Tales
Stingray Annual 1993 - very good condition
Brer Rabbit Saves His Skin (Disney childrens book)
Story Time for 4 Year Olds (Ladybird book)
Black Beauty (Ladybird Childrens Classics)
Cheeky Little Monkey: A Christmas Adventure
Robin Hood Spins Gold (Disney childrens book)
The Three Bears (childrens book)
Goldilocks and the three bears (My Fairy Tale Library)
Disneys Beauty & The Beast ( childrens story book)
Who Are You? (Childs educational board book)
Thomas The Tank Engine 2009

college/ University textbooks
A New Introduction To Sociology - Mike O Donnell
MCSE: The Core Exams In A Nutshell
Open University: Conclusion to Working Our Enviroment
Open University T305 Digital Communications Reference
Open University- L120 Candences Livre 2
Advanced VCE; Information & Communication Technology
Open University M150 Complexity Through Modularity (IT)

Open University- L120 Valuers Livre 1 - Marketing....
Application of number for service GNVQs -maths textbook
Workbook 3 Social Deprivation (Open University K353 W3)

School books (mainly ages 11 - 18, keystage 3 through to A level)
Examples In Mathematics - Ewart Smith
A level and AS level Longman Revise Guide FRENCH
Longman Study Guide GCSE Science
Lonsdale Science revision guide OCR spec. B
York Notes on Great Expectations
GCSE Mathematics (Higher Level)
Key Stage 3 Mathematics, Levels 5 - 8 SATS
GCSE AQA Anthology Poems from Heany,Clark, pre 1914
Letts Study Guide: A Level Economics - Ray Powell 1997
Exploring Graphs (Able Children) Mathematics textbook
Directions 2: reading skills (childrens schoolbook)
Assessment Tests in English for Key Stage 2 (age 11)
Mental Maths for ages 9 -10 (textbok)
Key Stage 3 The Essentials Of Science
CGP GCSE Additional Science -higher level
Key Stage 3 Science - life processes & living things
GCSE French- Letts Revise/ Gloria Richards
GCSE Biology: Longman Revise Guide
GCSE British & European History: Longman Revise Guide
GCSE Mathematics: Longman Revise Guide (maths)
GCSE Biology: Letts Study Aids: Revise
Guide to "To Kill A Mockingbird " Letts Study Aids GCSE
Key Stage 3 English (Letts Educational) textbook

Teaching/ teacher training/ teaching sourcebooks (basically, books for teachers)

Mathematics And The Primary Curriculum (NCET)
Toys And Play For The Handicapped Child - B Riddick
The Nursery Teacher In Action - Margaret Lally
The Journal Of Educational Research Sept/Oct 2006
Notes on Guidelines In School Mathematics

Cooking and diet
Little Book Of Delight: Strawberries - Olive Odell book
Step By Step Pizzas - Wendy Lee
Old Timey Recipies, by Phyliss Connor
A Taste Of The Past: More Old Timey Recipies

Slim And Healthy Meals
The Slimmers Years- over 200 calorie counted recipies
The Kensington Diet - Stephen Twigg
Dr Atkins Quick & Easy New Diet Cookbook
Baking Country Breads And Pastries - Rosemary Wadey
Good Housekeeping: Slim & Healthy Cookery
The Cooks Canvas: A Collection of Recipies
Regional Italian Cookery
Cooking For Today: Complete Vegetarian Cooking

Embroidery - Ksynia Marko book (hardback)
The Complete Book of Crochet- Mary Stalling  (hardback)

Shellcraft - Paula Critchley (paperback, making crafts with seashells)
The Creative Art Of Needlepoint Tapestry (Joan Fisher) (hardback)
The Flower Arrangers Garden - Rosemary Verey (hardback)
A Creative Guide To Cross Stitch Emboridery *NEW* (hardback)
Creative Needlecraft - Lynette de Denne (hardback)
Everlasting Floral Gifts (NEW HARDCOVER)
Four Seasons in Cross Stitch - Gail Bussi

Friendship & Hair Braiding (childrens craft book)
Crayola Creative Lettering Book
Dress Up And Play
New Baby Knits: over 30 patterns- Debbie Bliss
Creative Stencil *NEW*

Windowbox Gardening by David Joyce - hardback
Sunday Telegraph: Patio Gardening, by Robert Pearson - hardback
The ABC Of Potted Plants - Gay Nightingale
The Houseplant Expert - Dr D G Hessayon

The Small Garden - C E Lucas Phillips
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