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21st December 2012

pookledo5:58pm: Anyone want this dress for free? I bought it but don't feel comfortable re-selling it on ebay cos of the weird sizing.


Ignore the size. It's really not right. It says it's a size 26, but I am and it's too big on the top and I can't even get it over my waist.

It's not stretchy and has a zip.

For postage only

10th April 2012

elven_ranger12:13pm: More things for postage only.
From my slimmer days. Everything has been worn, but is in clean condition (smoke/ pet free home as well) and still has life in it yet!

Size 8 patchwork effect shorts with elastic top

Animal print hat (adult size)

Age 15 black skirt, a couple of faint marks on it.

Age 14 brown skirt. Faint glue mark on skirt, I never tried to get it out as had outgrown it!

8th April 2012

elven_ranger3:23pm: Latest freebie in the clearout

Godzilla playstation 2 disc. (found like the DVDs in my previous post, mixed up in a load of documentary DVDs I biyght!)
snow_leopard9:56am: OFFERED: Family Pass for Wimpole Estate, Cambridgeshire
I have a free Family Pass for the National Trust Wimpole Estate in Cambridgeshire. It is valid until the end of April THIS YEAR.
(Valid for 2 adults and 3 children.)
Is anyone in that area in the next few weeks and can make use of this?

I am happy to post.

6th April 2012

elven_ranger12:26pm: Next round of things for postage only.
Again, let me know where youre based as I am happy to send wherever.

Packet of White Jasmine incense sticks

Cats and Dogs 2 The Revenge of Kitty Galore (Region 2 DVD mixed up in a load of second hand dinosuar documentary DVDs I bought. I dont want this one! It doesnt have its case anymore, but I have tested it, plays fine, and I can put it in a paper sleeve to send

Random childrens DVD as above !!!!

Handful of Star Wars trading cards

Flower seeds I was given - I only grow vegetables and herbs so have no use for these!

1st April 2012

elven_ranger3:04pm: This is part one (so I'll be posting some more over the next couple of weeks) of a clear-out - paypal only as I want to shift things to (Ideally) good homes before the postage rise at the end of the month. Am happy to send anywhere, so please comment with what country you're in so I can tell you postage costs!

A load of plastic beads, all shapes and sizes!

2X 5ft lengths of curtain tab tape stuff

Lilac 4th gen Iphone case/ backing thingy. (got to fit my ipod touch, but didnt!)

2X Apple logo stickers

Qui Gon Jinn bust - plastic thing I think It came with cornflakes at the time!

6th February 2012

elven_ranger6:21pm: clearout time
For postage only, UK based, will send worldwide, posting on Thursday. Paypal only please so can get rid of things. :) Otherwise will go to charity shop. Please ask for postage costs telling me what you want and the country where you are. 
Note books are different sizes - psychology book is eeeeenormous, and the Hornblower novel is just a standard paperback! Everythings used but clean from a ciggie/kiddie/pet free home.

Please note I wont be home until late tomorrow - I am not ignoring you, I just have a full day of work then a meeting. All messages will be answered tomorrow night or Wednesday.

Psychology: 5th Edition- Robert A Baron. Enormous reference hardback book of doom!

Paperback Book on steam-railways, unwanted by the steam-train-mad boyfriend as he already has a copy.

Large paperback astrology book "Astrology for Regular People"

Hornblower novel, in which Hornblower turns privateer...(under Admiralty orders of course)

Another hefty size hardback book - The Complete Home Crafts

The theme CD of the 007 film Goldeneye

Little round plastic containers, could be good for crafts, they clip closed and you have to gently squeeze them to open them. Maybe good for crafting supplies? I have 10 of them.

Black gothic cincher belt. For a size 10 - 12, its stretchy but doesnt go round me (size 16) easily. Its got a corsety-lace at the front and a sturdy zip at the back. Black satiny material.

20th September 2011

elven_ranger12:55pm: clearing out some books for postage only (not selling!)

All of these are pretty large books. Left to right/ top to bottom they are

 - Finger Foods - a recipie book for making party and buffet food. Paperback, illustrated with colour photos
 - 11+ mathematics exam practice papers, with answer sheet, none of them written on.
 - The Wholefood Book - enormous hardback, illustrated in black and white/ sepia, full of recipies to make with wholefoods...
- The Quick and Easy Giant Dahlia Quilt  On The Sewing Machine. Has four patterns for making quilts.
- Master Chef 1991 - another book of recipies, from the TV series Master Chef.

Prefer Paypal to get these books shifted asap. Please let me know what book(s) youre interested in, and if youre UK or overseas based, and I'll let you know the postage.  First come first served.

22nd August 2011

elven_ranger6:43pm: Clearing out a load of books - all are used but clean condition. Unless otherwise stated, they are all paperback, for postage only - paypal only as I want to shift them this week...

- Cadfael: The Devils Novice

- The Cooks Canvas- A Collection of Recipies (From St Johns Museum of Art, Wilmington, Carolina) HARDBACK

- Recipies for Health- Wheat, Milk & Egg-Free Gone subject to postage being sent
- Some Other Rainbow - John McCarthy and Jill Morrell
- Mind & Media: The effects of Television, compuers and video games
- Unless I'm Very Much Mistaken - Murray Walker
- Surfing The Himalayas: Conversations and Travels With Master Fwap
- Good Old Fashioned challenging puzzles
- Dart Pool Cook Book
- Collins Spanish- English/ English-Spanish dictionary
- Oxford German minidictionary

- Plant Propogation - H G Witham Fogg

3rd August 2011

feanelwa11:39pm: A hairband and some little hairclips
A pink hairband and six little hairclips that I don't wear. Will be shipped with a bit of stiff card so it doesn't break in the post! Postage will probably be about £1.50.
imageCollapse )

20th July 2011

pookledo7:28am: I've got quite a few Boots number 17 concealers sticks (still in their hygeine wrapper) in extra fair colour.

Anyone want one? Postage shouldn't be much.

21st January 2011

elven_ranger8:14pm: I have a www.lovefilm.com free trial code for UK people. Its valid until next September. Please comment if you take it to use so that no-ones time is wasted.

the code is


6th January 2011

elven_ranger3:57pm: Large used books to be moved along, for postage only. Paypal only please as would like to get as many as possible, shifted this coming weekend. UK based, happy to send worldwide. Up to 5 books per parcel (no more because they are large books and I have to carry parcels to post office on foot!) though you can have as many parcels as you want. Let me know what you are interested in and if its UK or foreign, then I can work out exact postage.

Secondary school level books: 

GCSE Biology: Longman Revise Guide
GCSE British & European History: Longman Revise Guide
GCSE Biology: Letts Study Aids: Revise
GCSE French- Letts Revise/ Gloria Richards
GCSE History 1750- 1986: Letts Revise/ Peter Lane
GCSE Mathematics: Longman Revise Guide (maths)
Guide to "To Kill A Mockingbird " Letts Study Aids GCSE
AQA GCSE Science - Revision & Classroom companion 2006
GCSE Mathematics (Higher Level)
GCSE AQA Anthology Poems from Heany,Clark, pre 1914
CGP GCSE Additional Science -higher level
Longman Study Guide GCSE Science
Letts Study Guide: A Level Economics - Ray Powell 1997
A Level Modern History: Letts Study Aids
A level and AS level Longman Revise Guide FRENCH
Assessment Tests in English for Key Stage 2 (age 11)
Directions 2: reading skills (childrens schoolbook)
Exploring Graphs (Able Children) Mathematics textbook
Mental Maths for ages 9 -10 (textbook)
Key Stage 3 Science - life processes & living things
Key Stage 3 English (Letts Educational) textbook

DIY/ Interior Design:

Bathrooms Design Styles - Marks & Spencers Home (NEW)
Living Rooms Design Styles Marks & Spencers Home (NEW)
The Illustrated Guide To Home NeedlecraftsTaken subject to confirmation
The Dairy Book Of Home Management  TAKEN
Creative Interior Design
347 Woodworking Patterns
Soft Furnishings For Your Home/ Sharyn Skrabanich Taken subject to confirmation

Books on teaching and schools (smaller books)

Modern Practice in the infant school - Lesley webb
Involving Parents in Nursery and Infant Schools    
Overcoming Dyslexia - Dr Beve Hornsby
Managing Finance In Schools- Blanchard/ Lovell/ Ville    

Random reference
Guinness: Boxing: The Records (1987 ed) Ian Morrison
A Point of View - Barry Took (TV biography) hardcover
Peter Carey: The True History Of The Kelly Gang
Understanding your Irritable Bowel    
Anatomy and Physiology Applied To Nursing
Firefighting: A Pictorial History - Neil Wallington    
Formula One: A Complete Race By Race Guide (1997)
Great Walks of Britain: 38 Glorious Walks    
Plymouth Diocesan Yearbook 2004
The Videomaker Handbook (film making book)
Windowbox Gardening by David Joyce Taken subject to confirmation
British Equestrian Directory 1993- 94
The Wonders Of Science - 1965 hardcover book

3rd January 2011

elven_ranger7:20pm: I have a couple of Dreamwidth invite codes if anyone wants them.

(DW is a blogging site similar to Livejournal, and as LJ used to be many years ago, signups are by invite code)

let me know if of use. :)
elven_ranger7:03pm: I hope its OK to post a "looking for"...
I am collecting the free-with-newspapers DVDs Read more...Collapse )

15th December 2010

elven_ranger2:34pm: Just a few bits I have ended up with, for postage only (paypal or send SAE)  if they are of use to anyone.

A top, some wine and cosmetics discount vouchers, promo music CDs, and some pokemon cards
Read more...Collapse )

25th October 2010

feanelwa12:01pm: Anybody want a code for getting £15 off your first Ocado shop before 7th November when you spend £75? I just got one through Amazon and shouldn't spend £60 on food a month or so before I move house...

EDIT: gone!

10th October 2010

feanelwa5:39pm: Wow, a whole cornucopia of stuff!
Stuff that can be posted (postage please):
-Book of soft toys to make with patterns and illustrated instructions; these come out actually cute, not ghoulish like many books. Complete with a couple of bits of young child graffiti but nothing too bad...
-Some fake hair, kanekolon: some coppery blonde/red in a plait, and some black with white strands, as new in the bag it came in
-Japanese for Busy People book 1
-A spiked choker with half the spikes missing; I pinched the spikes to put on some boots but had some left over. They do up with a screwdriver, if anybody wants some spikes.

Stuff that can't be posted but I'm in Sheffield and will be going through London and Cambridge in the next couple of weeks if anybody wants to grab them off me at a station or something:
-Little pot of Hammerite rust beater, brown
-Little pot of white stuff you paint over holes in bath enamel

16th August 2010

feanelwa7:54pm: Quick straw poll from a mod
Occasionally (like today) we get posts that aren't really an individual giving away possessions they don't want anymore, they are posts advertising free events, free stuff that companies are giving away as a promotion, things like that. I'm never really sure whether to approve them or not. Also, the community info doesn't really say what our policy is about this kind of post, and it probably should. So I thought it would be helpful to ask the community what you'd like us to do with them.

Do you like posts like this and would you like the mods to approve them, or find them annoying and would like us to reject them? Place your opinions here please!
elven_ranger1:46pm: FREE Theatre show at the Double Locks hotel, Exeter
(well since its techincally a freebie because its free entry to a theatre show... if anyone is in the area they are most welcome to attend. and yes I can post this, because I am the group secretary and publicity officer.  :)  )

The South Devon Players, an amateur community theatre company based in Brixham, Torbay, which specialises in action-packed, family orientated plays about Devons history and folklore, will be performing their current 2- hour play, Gentleman Of The Road, based on a highwaymen who operated in Devon, Thomas Sympson, against the backdrop of the arrival of Prince William Of Orange, in the county.

The performance will take place at the Double Locks Hotel, on the canal in Exeter. Entry is free (though donations in the buckets will be appreciated).

Any proceeds from the show will go back into the group, to fund participation and inclusion for the disadvantaged, as well as into improved costumes and vital equipment like microphones and portable backdrops.

The Players can be contacted via our website http://southdevonplayers.weebly.com. Or on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=46022922794&v=info&ref=ts , or livejournal: sdp_theatre 

16th July 2010

elven_ranger1:45pm: VAST book clearout
I was going to be selling off my books on ebay but they have these new silly private seller limits. I tried Ebid, but its very slow, when I need the space smartish and I listed on Freecycle twice but both times after I had taken the day off work to wait in, people didnt turn up to collect, and so herewith, is my book collection for postage only. Paypal, so I can shift them pretty quick (I only really have about 10 days to do so ) before mum gets the threatened skip, and I would hate to see these go to landfill.

(please contact me telling me which books you are interested in, and where you are based as I am mentioning this cleaout to some overseas people  - I am in the UK obviously - as well, so I can work out the standard postage for you)

Please note that while some of the books are small, Quite a few, over 50% of the non-fiction ones are  pretty enormous, so postage depends entirely on the books you want. If you need more info on a book, I can send you the link of old ebid listings, for information purposes only as thats where all the photos and blurbs are still.

All the books are used (unless marked specifically as new condition)  but clean, no missing pages. From a smoke free home.

Bear in mind if you want a *huge* load of them... I may have to divide the pile you want into more than one parcel - I dont have a car, and can only carry what I can carry in one go, to the post office. :)

EDIT JULY 19th - I have crossed through the ones already claimed - think I got it right, check comments below to double check, as I am zooming about today and may have missed one or two...  but there are still plenty of books available. :)

Novels - (paperback)  Romantic, general,  thriller, western
List of paperback novelsCollapse )

Novels - ( as above but hardback incl two Large Print editions)
List of hardcover novelsCollapse )

Teen fiction (paperback)
Teen adventure booksCollapse )

Paperback non-fiction (history, DIY, business, property development, languages, TV tie-ins, IT, you name it!)
List of paperback non-fictionCollapse )

Hardback non-fiction
hardcover non-fiction, as aboveCollapse )

Spiritual/ religious

Buddha's Little Instruction Book
A Guide To The Passion: 100 questions (paperback book)

Childrens (fiction and educational)
Childrens booksCollapse )
college/ University textbooks
Open University books and a couple of othersCollapse )

School books (mainly ages 11 - 18, keystage 3 through to A level)
school booksCollapse )

Teaching/ teacher training/ teaching sourcebooks (basically, books for teachers)

Books for teachersCollapse )

Cooking and diet
List of food/ cooking booksCollapse )

craft books listCollapse )

houseplants and small gardens...Collapse )
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