Jo (feanelwa) wrote in give_stuff_away,

Wow, a whole cornucopia of stuff!

Stuff that can be posted (postage please):
-Book of soft toys to make with patterns and illustrated instructions; these come out actually cute, not ghoulish like many books. Complete with a couple of bits of young child graffiti but nothing too bad...
-Some fake hair, kanekolon: some coppery blonde/red in a plait, and some black with white strands, as new in the bag it came in
-Japanese for Busy People book 1
-A spiked choker with half the spikes missing; I pinched the spikes to put on some boots but had some left over. They do up with a screwdriver, if anybody wants some spikes.

Stuff that can't be posted but I'm in Sheffield and will be going through London and Cambridge in the next couple of weeks if anybody wants to grab them off me at a station or something:
-Little pot of Hammerite rust beater, brown
-Little pot of white stuff you paint over holes in bath enamel
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