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give_stuff_away's Journal

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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for giving stuff away. You can post here if you have anything you want to give away. Items should be of fairly good quality, but just of no use to you.

This community may not be used for selling things / posting auctions etc. Users will be expected to be prepared to give stuff away for free (postage costs are allowed). However, it is acceptable to give priority to people who may want to offer you some non-monetary consideration in return.

Users will tend to be UK based, although all are welcome. If US based you may also wish to check out giveitawaybob. If you are giving away or looking for books you may also want to check out ukbookswap.

Due to a large amount of spam on this community, all posts are moderated. Known and trusted members will eventually be given unmoderated status.